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Designed to deliver the most massive chills and thrills the blog regularly explores haunted mansions and serial killers, but we’ve also got haunted vacation suggestions.

If you’re a ghost chaser, JoelMAndre.com offers you suggestions about where to find the most haunted places in the world and what to see when you’re in a given town or state so far as supernatural explorations. Check out our haunted places category.

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Box Office: 'The Forest' Continues Scary Tradition Of Early January Horror Films

Forbes - 1 day ago
Today marks the start of the first official weekend of 2016, and thus, by law, this weekend must see the debut of a somewhat cheap horror title. This year, the culprit is the Natalie Dormer...

'American Horror Story: Hotel' Recap: “Battle Royale”

Collider.com - 8 hours ago
We're nearing the big finish of American Horror Story: Hotel and “Battle Royale” changes the playing field quite a bit. Episodes 11 kicks off just before the final scene of Episode 10 with...

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About Joel M. Andre

Originally, Joel wanted to be a poet growing up….but then things
began to change for him. People took notice of his off the wall tales,
and encouraged him to go in a new direction. Today Joel delivers top quality content to websites owners from around the globe, while still spending time writing and delivering
some of the most unique and off the wall horror tales to date.

From, A Death at the North Pole, (a new revised edition came out in 2011) to, Kill 4 Me, and his newest addition to his books The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen and Lucky Damnation, Joel has taken readers across the world, and painted worlds that are dark, sometimes comical and always exciting.

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Forensic Friday – A Look at Some Eerie Photos

Every Friday, I am scanning the internet and bringing you guys access to the more ghoulish finds out there. While I’ll start with some basic images, I will slowly work my way over to stuff that isn’t as easily accessible. The bulk of these are from the Manson murders today, but I threw in a […]

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Throw Out What You Think You Know About Serial Killers

Hollywood and fiction in general have done a disservice to our understanding of serial killers. While these misconceptions and misinformation are fine for entertainment purposes, they couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, in many cases, they portrayals are nothing more than dramatizations of stereotypes and hyperboles that prevent us from having a true […]

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What is the Difference Between a Serial Killer, Mass Murderer, and a Spree Killer?

Too often people classify the wrong groups of people as a serial killer. While it’s fine for their own personal reference, when they begin to make these statements on their websites, it presents bad information. What is a Spree Killer? First, a spree killer isn’t a serial killer. These are two completely different things and […]

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Haunted Places – Cottonwood, AZ

There are several haunted places located in Cottonwood, Arizona. Larry’s Antique Store is located at 796 North Main Street. It is allegedly haunted by the spirit of former employee Edwin who visitors have reportedly seen and heard. Cottonwood Civic Center is located at 805 North Main Street. An old schoolhouse, it is rumored to have […]

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Haunted Places – Bisbee, Arizona

The Oliver House is located at 126 All Soul’s Avenue. Here you’ll find the former “Blue Room” and “Room 13”. Both locations are believed to have benevolent spirits that haunt them. Also a location plagued by numerous murders over the years, there is a good chance you’ll see a ghost here. At the Copper Queen […]

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October 31, 2015 marks the return of Nathan Baxter. Spring 2016 will mark the return of Lauren Bruni.
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Serial Killer Oscar Ray Bolin Jr., Who Married His Defense Attorney, Is ...

People Magazine - 1 day ago
Oscar Ray Bolin Jr., a serial killer convicted of murdering three young women in separate incidents in the Tampa Bay area in 1986, was executed in Florida on Thursday night, minutes after the U.S....

Florida serial killer set for execution Thursday

NEWS10 ABC - 2 days ago
STARKE, Fla. (WFLA) – Barring a last-minute reprieve, convicted serial killer Oscar Ray Bolin will see his final Florida sunrise Thursday morning. It's been 30 years since the abduction and...

Self-Proclaimed Serial Killer Posts Frightening Craigslist Ad About 'First Kill,' Thanks Oklahoma Judge Who 'Started ...

The Inquisitr - 2 days ago
Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are investigating a chilling post made in the personals section of Craigslist this week. The post was made by a self-proclaimed serial killer who claims to have made his...

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