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Mayhem and madness, crime and horror  fiction the way it was meant to be written, Joel M. Andre,  combines the  styles of the greats such as Robin Cook and James Patterson, with the grim horror of Stephen King–upstart author Joel Andre brings home an amazing read with every page.

Andre offers a unique new style in horror crime drama, looking at things from a whole new perspective. Writing was a passion for Joel from the earliest he could remember. A poetic bent sent him writing more prose, until people began to note the off-the-wall crime tales that… Continue reading

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In a long line of amazing fiction, Joel M. Andre has created a masterpiece in his Cry of the Fallen.

If you’ve never been afraid of the dark… you are now. Buy it today!

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October 31, 2015 marks the return of Nathan Baxter. Spring 2016 will mark the return of Lauren Bruni.
Stay tuned for title announcements and more. :)

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