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Summer Blog Tour

Make sure you drop on by the following spots to catch me touring the internet! All dates are subject to change, be sure to keep checking back!

June 13th: Review of Both @ The Musings Of A Book Addict
June 18th: Review of Tea With Death @ Sappyria’s Steamy Book Reviews
June 20th: Spotlight of Kill 4 Me @ Sappyria’s Steamy Book Reviews
June 23rd: Interview @ Word Blurb
June 24th: Review of Kill 4 Me @ Reviews By Molly
June 30th: Review… Continue reading

Radio Interview

In the next few weeks, I will be announcing a new digital tour. Make sure that you keep checking back!

I will be appearing on an upcoming episode of A Book and A Chat, which is on Blog Talk Radio. I’ll be posting more details on this soon. The segment is scheduled to last for about 30 minutes.

There are more exciting things I have in the works, including a new cover for my book Kill 4 Me. If all goes well, that should be posting tonight.

Have a great Tuesday!

January 2012 Virtual Tour

Well, it would appear that I am on another virtual tour for the month of January. I am a huge fan of all the blogs that are looking to host me this month. If you want to get to know more about me or the horror fiction that I write, I encourage you to follow along on this tour. If you have questions or you would like to book me for your blog, please feel free to send me a note through the contact page. I will cover most topics.

The following tour dates are what has been scheduled… Continue reading

Interview with Dianne Hartsock Author of Alex with Review

From time to time it can be fun to spend time chatting with an author that is new to you. Fortunately, I have the chance to do this pretty regularly and I would like to introduce you guys to Dianne Hartsock. She is the author of a book called, Alex and I think you will find her interview to be fascinating.

Joel M. Andre: Hello Dianne, I am honored to have the chance to speak with you today. Would you like to tell me a little bit about who has inspired your writing?

Dianne Hartsock: I’ll start with Tolkien. Frodo… Continue reading

Interview with Frank Scully Author of Empty Time

Recently, I had the chance to speak with Frank Scully about his new book, Empty Time. This is an exceptional story that I am sure all of you will love. Take a moment to review our interview, then make sure you head on out and buy his book. Those who saw the last name Scully and were desperately hoping he was related to Dana Scully, I am sad to report they are in no way related.

Joel M. Andre: Hi Frank, thank you for taking the time to sit down with me. Let’s begin this interview by discussing the… Continue reading

New Short Story, Tour and More News

This month is going to be a pretty busy one for me. Right now, I do have plenty of new features on the supernatural set to post over the course of the month. So keep your eye out for items that go beyond the basic haunted dolls and haunted cemeteries I have been doing.

Along with this, I am working on putting the finishing touches on the reissue of A Death at the North Pole. I am very excited to share the new cover and expanded story with all of you.

Around Thanksgiving, I will be headed out on… Continue reading

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October 31, 2015 marks the return of Nathan Baxter. Spring 2016 will mark the return of Lauren Bruni.
Stay tuned for title announcements and more. :)

Convicted serial killer on Louisiana death row dies at hospital

CNN - 2 days ago
"A lot of time serial killers they deny all the way to the end and that is what Derrick did, even when we had him red-handed with DNA." The state Department of Public Safety and Corrections...

Manchester Pusher: Watch man spend night on city's streets to 'prove mysterious serial killer exists' - 7 hours ago
A man took his life into his own hands and spent a night on the streets trying to prove the notorious ' Manchester Pusher ' exists. Many believe a serial killer stalks the canalways of the...

'Time has not healed our loss'

Perth Now - 2 days ago
THE parents of Claremont serial killer victim Sarah Spiers say time has not healed their loss but they remain confident the case can still be solved as the 20-year mark of their daughter's...

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