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Virtual Tour Day 4: Guest Post at Tribute Books Reviews

On the 4th day of my current virtual book tour, I’ve taken the time to write up a guest post for Tribute Books Reviews.

This posting can be found here .

Have a great day, another stop tomorrow and a few other surprises as well.

Virtual Tour: Day 3 ~ Gelati’s Scoop

Today, Gelati’s Scoop does an interview of my book, The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen. In August, I will be on the Blog author’s talk show to discuss the book in more detail.

You can find his review here.

Have a great day!

Joel M. Andre

Virtual Tour Day 2: Guest Post

For the second stop on my tour, I have done a guest post for Roseanne Dowell. She is a brilliant romance author and you will want to be sure that you take a few moments to check her out as well.

My post can be found here.

Have a great Tuesday!

Joel M. Andre

July & August Digital Tour Dates

I am pleased to announce the following tour dates on my virtual tour. Actual links to the posts and radio station will be posted as soon as I have.

July 25: Character Interview~ Cafe of Dreams Book Reviews

July 26: Guest Post

July 27: Review~Gelati’s Scoop

August 1: Review~The Book Shelf Review

August 4: Guest Post~Tribute Books Blog

August 5:Guest Post~

August 8: Review~The Write To Make A Living

August 11: Guest Post~A Good Day To Read

August 11: Interview~The Book Connection

August 12: Guest Post and Review~Darlene’s Book Nook

August 15:

August 16: Review~Romancing The Book… Continue reading

Meet Joel M. Andre at Ghost Tours Phoenix & Support AIDS Charity

Want a chance to help a good cause and have a spooky time doing it?

If so, why not meet horror author Joel M. Andre as he partners with Ghost Tours Phoenix, in an event to chill you and support an AZ based AIDS charity. Plus, you get a copy of his new book The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen

Check out the details below and send a contact to this site for more information or to purchase tickets.

It $25 for this event. Admission price includes the Ghost Tour, a signed copy of my new book, along with… Continue reading

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