Haunted Places

Haunted Cemetery: Howard Street Cemetery – Salem, MA

Grave of Giles Corey from the haunted cemetery in Salem. Courtesy of Find a Grave.

The Howard Street Cemetery in Salem, MA is a must-visit for ghost chasers and adrenaline junkies who get their kicks from haunted places. Beware! Don’t visit this haunted cemetery after sundown. Massachusetts state law forbids entrance to any haunted cemetery after dark.

You can walk the perimeter, which locals say will scare you out of your skin. Especially if you glimpse the ghost of Giles Corey, who allegedly appears shortly before Salem experiences a catastrophic event. For example, several nuns caught sight of Corey’s laughing ghost on the night the Great Fire of Salem demolished one-third of the city.… Continue reading

Haunted Places – Monte Vista Hotel – Flagstaff, Arizona

If you travel along North San Francisco Street in Flagstaff, Arizona you’ll notice an intriguing old building known as the Monte Vista Hotel. Since January 1, 1927, the hotel has been one of the most enchanting hotels in the area.Monte Vista

While the tales of terror vary, there are several ghosts believed to haunt the halls of this location. They include the following.

  • A bank robber who bled to death in the hotel in the 1970s, greets people with a disembodied voice. He also toys around with barstools and drinks.
  • In room 306, a woman of the night is said to… Continue reading

Haunted Places in Montana

Haunted Location courtesy of WikipediaA vast area filled with ranches and wide open spaces you might not associate Montana with haunted places. Rest assured along with last chances for gas you will also find plenty of fun ghostly places to visit in Montana!

Haunted Town

You have likely heard of ghost towns before, you know the old withered buildings with nothing stirring save the wind and a few stray squirrels or bunnies? How about a truly haunted ”ghost” town! Bannack Montana is just such a place, situated just outside of Grasshopper Creek in the Bannack State Park.

Bannack got its start as a gold… Continue reading

Haunted Places – GreyFriar’s Kirkyard

Image courtesy of WikipediaWith a remarkably violent ghost and a few other unspeakable entities, is it any wonder that GreyFriar’s Kirkyard ranks up there as the most haunted. . . the most frightening. . . the most unspeakable cemetery in the world?

By day, Greyfriar’s Kirkyard in Scotland is known as a place if serene beauty, perfect for an easy walk. In the daylight hours it reveals very little of its bloody and horrific history. The graveyard boasts a few stone gargoyles, one or two ghoul-like figures that are emblazoned on the headstones and perhaps an angel of death–or two or three. It… Continue reading

Haunted Places – Stull Cemetery (Revisited)

Courtesy of WikipediaIf you were searching for the location of the seven gates of hell, you might think to look in places like the catacombs of Paris or the Aokigahara Forest in Japan, but chances are good that Kansas wouldn’t be on your list of likely locations. According to legend however, that is exactly where one of them lies. To be more precise, it allegedly lies in a small, rundown, haunted cemetery in the town of Stull, Kansas.

It is said that not only is Stull cemetery the location of one of the seven gates of hell, but that the half human… Continue reading

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