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A Look Inside, The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen

The haunted America tour continues later today. For now, take a moment to take a look inside my latest book, “The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen”.

The only sound that she heard her was the dripping water from the faucet. Growing slightly concerned, she went over to a small oak box that was on the dresser. There she found the key for the bathroom. The pair swore to never use it, if the other wanted privacy. But there was something wrong right now, and Trisha knew she needed to get inside the room.

Pushing the cold silver key into… Continue reading

Deleted Chapter from The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen

Here is a deleted chapter from, “The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen”.

I hope you guys enjoy it….remember it hasn’t been edited. This section didn’t make the initial cut due to the Sweeney Todd feeling it had.

(c)  Joel M. Andre  2010


The following morning there was a heavy fog and an unseasonable chill for a summer morning. Everything was still calm and peaceful. Since there had been so many murders over the last couple of days, people kept a cautious eye out; but they still continued on with their normal business.


A little… Continue reading

My Top 5 List of Horror Books You Should Read

The process to keep fresh content on the website might take a little bit of time. In an effort to provide the regular visitors something, I am going to touch on a quick and easy topic for today. I hope to have some substantial content on here over the next week or so.

So today, I am going to list my top 5 horror books. These are tales that gave me chills and left me wanting more. While there will be some obvious picks on my list, I suspect a couple might shock you. They’ll be ones you want to… Continue reading

Five Reasons I Love Horror!

On occasion, people will ask me why I love horror. This is probably one of the best questions a person can be asked, because it doesn’t necessarily have the typical answers you would think. For example, you could say a person is obsessed with blood and gore. For me, a good tale of horror doesn’t need these elements. Take for example the film, The Haunting. This movie was in black and white and I don’t recall any of the scenes showing people dying or large amounts of blood and gore.

Instead, you imagine what must be taking place off screen.… Continue reading

Cupid’s Curse


Preview this new tale from Joel M. Andre!

© 2011 by Joel M. Andre
All Rights Reserved
For “Seven”

The morning air was cool and crisp scented with burning pine. The sun began to slowly creep up in the Eastern sky. Soon people would be scattering around as they head out to their daily routine. But, this was no ordinary day by any means.
There was something sacred about today. This was the day of love where everyone rushes around to buy flowers and make frantic calls for dinner reservations. Love is tested. Those who make it past this… Continue reading

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