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Win a Kindle Fire from Joel M. Andre

Everyone is talking about the Kindle Fire and you now have a chance to win one! The grand prize is for a Kindle Fire + a $50 Amazon Gift Card. That should give you a chance to get some great titles for it right off the bat!

Second prize isn’t too bad either. The winner will receive digital e-book versions of all of Joel M. Andre’s books! The contest starts tomorrow 2/7/2012 through the Rafflecopter form below. Make sure you take the time to enter it!

Winners have… Continue reading

Joel M. Andre to Donate Royalties from ‘Autopsy’ to Charity

As most of you are aware, February is heart month. I always love giving back to charities that I believe in and it is with that in mind that I plan on donating all royalties from the sales of ‘Autopsy’ to the American Heart Association.

This is an exceptional charity and I am very excited about raising funds that will assist them in their efforts. Those looking to purchase the Kindle edition of Autopsy can do so here. If you would like to make a donation to the American Heart Association, I would strong encourage you do so here… Continue reading

Enter to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Thank you for entering this contest. The winners have been drawn and are being contacted by email. Upon verifying and making contact with each winner, their names will be posted.

I appreciate you taking the time to enter.

Joining the Internet Blackout Wednesday

I’ve taken the time to consider the Stop Online Piracy Act and I agree it should be protested against. Over the years, I’ve had my short stories and books illegally exchanged across the internet. While I will agree there is a problem, I don’t think censorship of the internet is solution.

A better solution is to begin in house with the major companies backing this bill. They are so quick to blame the general public for promoting online piracy, but I would imagine if you check the internet logs for their employees, there is a very good chance that a… Continue reading

A Holiday Gift is Coming!

I am very excited to let you guys know that I will have a special treat available for all of you on December 24 & December 25! While I can’t say what it is just yet, I promise you it will help to put you into the Christmas spirit.

So keep your eyes open and check back often. To tide you over until then, you can check out Occupy the North Pole by clicking on the link. Of course, it is available for your Kindle as well for only .99.

There is still plenty more that I have in… Continue reading

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