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Promoting Your Books with Promo Products

Promoting your books is hard work! You have the aching head and feet to prove it. And if you’re like most writers, you’re tired tired tired of pushing your books and not getting a good result. That’s why you started purchasing promotional products–but now you’re finding that they get little to no results.

That’s because you haven’t done the most important thing first: plan. Yes, purchasing promotional products takes more than skimming through a mail order catalog or clicking to a promotion product site and placing an order. You need to put some time and thought in to what and… Continue reading

Car Driving Tips

Provide latest automibile news, as well as help your clients to save time and to make their decision easier. Provide specifications and photos, and information on car safety ratings.

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Moira: Free Kindle E-Book

For today only, you can download a copy of Moira for free. It is the first part in the Pentacle of Light Series. Download it here. Have a great Thursday!

The Importance of Rapid Data Recovery

When your hard drive fails, you will want to be sure that you get the information you need off of it as quickly as possible. It is because of this that you will want to consider rapid data recovery. Once you have taken your hard drive into a company that specializes in this rapid data recovery, you can typically get your content within a short period of time.

What you will find during the rapid data recovery is that you will generally have a few different options for the files you are gathering up. For example, you are going to… Continue reading

What Type of Content Should You Put on the Kindle?

As most people know, I write horror fiction. When they see my name, they know that is the genre of story that they will be picking up and that is what the writer should be focused on developing for themselves. While it is fine for a writer to explore different genres, it is important that your reader knows the types of offerings you will give to them.

For example, if you write historic romance fiction and have 10 titles out and then write your next three as being edge of your seat thrillers, your core audience you built will feel… Continue reading

What Is the Draw of a Horror Fiction Book?

Why are we as a group of people so completely fascinated with horror fiction? Realistically, there is quite likely not one clear-cut explanation for that, but the answer lies, for most people, on the responses they get from their own body. For the same reasons perhaps that we’re intrigued when we think of haunted houses and experience this type of dread, horror fiction books draw us in.

The fascination of the haunted house, that little prickle of fear at the back of your neck, is something many of us actually enjoy. In fact, the least brave among us may be… Continue reading

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