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Kinesiology Tape

How to Use Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape must be accurately applied to the skin in order to ensure effectiveness and longevity. In turn, proper removal of the tape is also critical as this helps prevent further complications that could result from improper technique. Since Kinesiology tape is both breathable and waterproof, it can be used in most situations. Just make sure the tape is properly removed within five days to avoid any irritation and other problems.

Prepping the Skin

To begin this process, you need to be sure your skin has been properly prepared for the kinesiology tape. For that,… Continue reading

Is Rejection Good For You?

by Vincent Zandri

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about the e-Book market being flooded with crappy books from writers who would, under traditional publishing circumstances, not only be rejected by major publishers but also by most discerning agents. In other words, their writing sucks. But being able to publish your own book these days means you don’t have to go through the often terrible trials that most editors can put upon a budding author by lambasting said literary neophyte with rejection after rejection.

Like my dad always says, “But that’s the job.”

I entered into the literary arena… Continue reading

With swimsuit season in full swing, it will be time to get working on that perfect beach body. This will be the time that you look into the best personal trainers in your area and start the process of toning and reshaping your body, before you debut your new bikini.

Diet is Going to be Essential

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make when they are looking to transform their bodies is that they don’t adjust their diet. One of the reasons you have packed on the weight, is because of your diet. It will be important that you take a… Continue reading

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'The Snowman' Review: Serial-Killer Thriller Is Even WTF Worse Than You've Heard - 2 hours ago
Well, it's a little confusing. And slightly incoherent in terms of how it lays out the book's narrative about a serial killer who is targeting mothers and whose calling card is a snowman. And...

David Fincher's Mindhunter Breaks Down Our Fascination with Serial Killers

GQ Magazine - 6 hours ago
What's the least suspicious way to satisfy your morbid curiosity about serial killers? Watching a prestige TV show, of course. (Rooting around online for gory crime-scene photos and listening to...

The Eleven: On the Trail of a Serial Killer

Texas Monthly - 18 hours ago
But was he really an unpunished serial killer? Or just a masterful liar with an incredible memory? Despite Paige's dogged investigations, Bell had never been charged with the murder of Debbie...

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