Serial Killers

Toy Box Killer Tapes

This is also NSFW. These are the tapes the victims of the Toy Box Killer were forced to listen to after he kidnapped them. David Ray Parker was never convicted. The first case brought up against him resulted in a mistrial. Before the second trial began he died of a heart attack.

The Texarkana Moonlight Murders–The Phantom

The scene was a mild small town in the early springtime. 1946 wasn’t a time when a lot of murder or crime took place, yet this year was going to be different. In fact, for the first 8 weeks of springtime, the season of renewal, it was goign to be a bloodbath that the town would remember forever. It began in February of 1946 and ran until May when the murders stopped. The 8 weeks of terror that ran in between held a town in a firm grip.

For 8 weekends the Phantom victimized Texarkana.The first two victims, Mary Larey… Continue reading

Serial Killer – Highway of Tears Killer


There is a 500 mile stretch of highway 16 in British Colombia, Canada that has been dubbed the “Highway of Tears” by many. The name was given due to the disappearance and murder of 18 women between 1969 and 2006. The women, ranging in age from 12 to 33, were often known to be hitchhiking on this section of highway when they disappeared. While the official list of victims remains at 18, aboriginal organizations estimate the number to be 40 or more because they often include victims who disappeared or were found in areas further from the highway. While… Continue reading

Serial Killer – The Happy Face Killer – Keith Hunter Jesperson

When the Happy Face Killer movie released in 2014, it sounded like as chilling as a horror fiction story, but the movie was actually based upon the life, hunt, and capture of a real serial killer – Keith Hunter Jesperson. During the early 1990s, Jesperson went on a serial killing spree, murdering eight women over five years. While many of Jesperson’s victims were transients and prostitutes, his long-time girlfriend was his final victim, and that murder finally led to the capture of the Happy Face Killer. According to Jesperson, he killed over 160 people, although only eight of those murders… Continue reading

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Hunt for a serial killer

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A sequel to that novel, Paradise Valley, makes an excellent conclusion to Box's gripping The Highway Quartet novels that have evolved into a hunt for a serial killer who works as a long-haul...

Authorities unveil true identity of NH serial killer

Concord Monitor - 2 days ago
Authorities on Friday unveiled the true identity of a serial killer who used an alias while he murdered five people tied to two New Hampshire cold cases. The man who killed a woman and three children...

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Because a serial killer was on the loose, randomly executing innocent strangers with a volley of bullets from a .44-calibre handgun. Police weren't even sure the shootings — which terrorised...

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