Serial Killers

Serial Killer – Bible John

The nickname “Bible John” was given to a serial killer who lurked in the shadows of Glasgow, Scotland in 1969 and 1969 and is believed to have killed three young women in those years. The name was given to him by journalists after a witness stated that during their encounter he often referred to passages from the Bible. All the stories begin much like a horror fiction novel; a young woman goes off alone with a man who seems innocent enough.

The killer came to light on February 23rd, 1968 when the naked body of Patricia Docker, a… Continue reading

Serial Killers – The Alphabet Murders

The Alphabet Killer Joseph Naso.

The Alphabet Killer Joseph Naso.

The Alphabet Killers–Unsolved Rochester NY Murders.

New York Victims of the Alphabet Killer

New York Victims of the Alphabet Killer

In the early part of the 1970s, Rochester New York became a killing field for another in our line of unsolved serial murders.

While Rochester seemed to be an idyllic place in the early seventies, it did not remain so. Three young ladies were raped and murdered in a short time span. The murders were characterized by some very odd similarities.

Each of the three people murdered were young women whose first name and last name began with the same letter. Each… Continue reading

Serial Killer – The Doodler

The Doodler is a serial killer also called the Black Doodler. He–or she– remains one of the most prolific murderers of gay men in the community of San Francisco. The murders committed by the Doodler took place between 1974 and 1975.

Image of possible Doodler suspects.

Image of possible Doodler suspects.

During that time, the Doodler was responsible for the deaths of 14 young men. He further assaulted three others who lived to tell about the assaults. The Doodler had a very curious modus operandi. He was known to be someone  who would take a sketch of his victims, then have sex with them… Continue reading

Serial Killer Rodney Alcala

Rodney_Alcala_CDCROne of the most notorious–and actually famous–serial killers of all time, Rodney Alcala was estimated to have killed as many as fifty women in the course of his career, yet very few people know his name.

Alcala, born in 1943, is also known as the Dating Game Killer. He is not only a convicted serial killer, but also a serial rapist who preyed on women. Alcala is famous for his cat and mouse games. He toyed with women, victimizing them over and over before death. He would strangle the women he was preying on until they were unconscious, then reviving… Continue reading

Serial Killer – The Phantom Killer

Old Photo from Morris Lane where police search for clues.


How it Began

The events leading up to what came to be known as the “Texarkana Moonlight Murders” could have been taken straight from the pages of a horror fiction novel. The serial killer, who was given the name “The Phantom Killer” by police, seemed materialize out of thin air to commit his horrific crimes and then disappear just as quickly.

Although no murders were committed that night, the story actually begins on February 22, 1946. Mary Jeanne Larey, who was 19, and Jimmy Hollis, her 24 year… Continue reading

Serial Killer – The West Mesa Bone Collector

While finding a mass grave with 11 decomposed corpses may sound like a chapter from a horror fiction novel, a woman and her dog stumbled upon this very scene while walking in West Mesa, an area outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Albuquerque police spend weeks recovering the bodies, which were found scattered across a large piece of land that was owned by an area home developer. Nearly a year later, the victims were identified, and police believed that they had stumbled across a serial killer. Soon the mass grave was dubbed the “West Mesa boneyard,” and the killer was… Continue reading

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