Serial Killers

Serial Killer – Wolfgang Schmidt

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Serial Killer Wolfgang Schmidt

Born October 5, 1966 in Germany, Wolfgang Schmidt would live part of his life under his birth name before taking on his new identity of Beate Schmidt and live his life as a transsexual in Germany. His crimes are the very definition of horror. As a serial killer, he not only took the lives of adults, but during his crime spree he also killed an infant and practice necrophilia.

He is sometimes known by his nickname the “Pink Giant” because of his fascination with pink lingerie and the “Beast of Beelitz” based on the locale… Continue reading

Serial Killer – Ronald Dominique

Ronald_Dominique serial killer

Ronald Dominique Mugshot

As a youth Ronald grew up in Thibodaux, LA with his family. Attending the local high school he sang chorus and was often ridiculed for his sexuality during his teen years, despite never being open about it. Had they known the horror that this man would put others through, they would have most likely steered clear of him instead.

Ronald lived a split life one where he would be kind and helpful to his neighbors and another where he would live the life of a female impersonator at gay clubs. His life was hard and he would… Continue reading

Serial Killer – Dennis Rader (BTK Killer)


BTK KIller Dennis Rader Booking Photo

Wichita’s Bind, Torture, Kill Murders

A generation of residents in and around the Wichita, Kansas area lived in fear behind locked doors and windows. The cause of their fear was the notorious BTK serial killer. From 1974 to 1991, this cold-hearted killer was connected to a string of murders that chilled everyone to the bone. This was a killer who seemed to have stepped right out of horrorfiction.

The letters BTK stood for Bind them, Torture them, Kill them and that is just how this killer liked to do it. His first… Continue reading

Serial Killer – Tommy Lynn Sells

By his own accounts, Tommy Lynn Sells just liked to kill. There was little more to it than that as he–at his confession, admitted to killing a whole family in Illinois, a mother and child in Missouri, a little boy in Texas, a teen in Kentucky. He admitted to more than twenty killings. Authorities believe far more people fell at his hands.

His nickname was “coast to coast” a reflection of the geographic spread of his murders. Sells attorney, at that point, told him to stop talkin, but he never did.

Sells spent most of his life as a boozed… Continue reading

Serial Killers – Jack the Ripper

The Real Story of Jack the Ripper: Has the Mystery been Solved?

Had it happened in modern times, the story of Jack the Ripper would never had gotten the fame that it holds. A mysterious murderer who killed five prostitutes in London about 100 years ago was much less prolific than the contemporary, attention seeking, serial killers.

Yet, there is so much mystery surrounding the horror and so many unanswered questions that Jack the Ripper’s story still intrigues people today. He started killing at a time when media in big cities kept the audience informed. The reports… Continue reading

New Release: Ecstasy Of Death – Nicole 4/14/2014

I’m pleased to announce that the first book in the Ecstasy Of Death series has been uploaded to Amazon. It will be going live in the next 12 – 24 hours.

Passionate about death, serial killer Nathan Baxter left details of the murders he committed over the years in a journal that had been stored in a police locker until now. These journal entries are presented in unedited form and offer a look into the mind of a killer. Occasionally, detailed insight of the crime scene will be provided by local law enforcement professionals.

The first entry is about Nicole… Continue reading

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October 31, 2015 marks the return of Nathan Baxter. Spring 2016 will mark the return of Lauren Bruni.
Stay tuned for title announcements and more. :)

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