Serial Killers

Serial Killer – Dean Corll

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Who was Dean Corll? He was a serial killer who lived from 1939 to1973 and was one of the worst killers in modern history. He became known in Texas as the Candy Man. He committed what was later referred to as the Houston Mass Murders, a horror story that is remembered to this day. One of the things that sets him apart from other serial killers is that he didn’t act alone but had two accomplices, which ultimately led to his demise. He was never arrested for… Continue reading

Serial Killer – Yang Xinhai

Imagine living in a remote farming village where the villagers fear going to sleep after a long day’s work because a madman stalks the night. It sounds like the plot from a horror movie, but in this case it wasn’t a vampire or werewolf that crept in under the cover of darkness, it was Yang Xinhai, the most prolific Chinese serial killer in history.

Known also by the names Yang Zhiya, Yang Liu, and Wang Ganggang, this notorious killer started out life much like other Chinese children. He was born in 1968 to a very poor… Continue reading

Gary Ridgway – The Green River Killer

This is the first in the series of serial killers. I will be expanding on these, so keep checking back.

It’s difficult, and a little frightening, to imagine what goes on in the mind of a serial killer. What demons from his past drive him to commit the gruesome and ruthless acts that destroy the lives of so many? What personal horror did he experience?

Mary Rita Ridgway, Gary Ridgway’s mother certainly did not help Gary grow to be an emotionally stable man of character. She was physically and emotionally abusive to her husband and children. The… Continue reading

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