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Urban Legend – Slender Man

Normally, I would write off a meme as an annoyance. Too often, I receive questions about whether or not Slender Man is real. So that inspired today’s post. SlenOriginal Slender Man from 2009 - Photo via Victor Surge (Eric Knudsen)/SomethingAwful, via KnowYourMemeder Man is nothing more than a fictional character created by Eric Knudsen. The original description of him from 2009 is he is a tall man, who was thin and had a featureless face, while wearing a black suit. His entry on June 10, 2009 on the web forum, Something Awful, where he took a spectral figure and added it to a couple of black and white images with children in… Continue reading

True Urban Legends

An interesting video. It also includes links to actual news stories to support the factual nature of the Urban Legends. Please take the moment. Stay tuned as new posts on Serial Killers and Haunted places are also in the works!

Urban Legend – The White Death

A take on the tale

The Last Urban Legend You’ll Ever Need to Read

I had never heard something so ridiculous. It sounded like something out of a B grade horror movie, or even one of thosehorror fiction chain emails that used to do the rounds at the peak of the internet boom. The story was so unfeasible, that when my best friend first told it to me I laughed it off. I know better now, and I’m sorry, but so will you.

I’m talking about the White Death. At first I considered it just another urban legend.… Continue reading

Urban Legends – Crybaby Bridge

Crybaby Bridge is an urban legend. The name Crybaby Bridge has been given to multiple bridges in the United States. It reflects a legend where a baby can be seen or heard from the bridge at night. Usually it’s accompanied by the legend of the death of a baby or a very young child on the area, having been thrown from the bridge into the frigid waters below.

There are multiple Crybaby Bridge urban legends, with one being found in the states of Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Maryland, to name just a few. In nearly… Continue reading

Urban Legend – Kuchisakke Onna – Japan’s Murderous Apparition


One of the most chilling myths in horror fiction, the story of Kuchisake-Onna is a Japanese urban legend that has been heard around the world thanks to mainstream film interpretations and pop culture references.

The Woman with the Slit Mouth

The story starts innocently enough. There’s a woman wearing a surgical mask who appears to Japanese residents in the Nagasaki Prefecture. That’s about as normal as the story gets though, because from here things get more than a little bit weird, and intensely terrifying.

It’s important to understand that people wearing surgical masks in Japan are not an uncommon… Continue reading

Urban Legend – Elisa Day

The Wild Rose: Elisa Day

Elisa Day allegedly roams among the wild red roses..

Elisa Day allegedly roams among the wild red roses..

Falling in love sometimes leads to joy and sometimes leads to sorrow. In some urban legends, it leads to mysterious, tragic death. Listen now as we tell the sorrowful tale of the wild rose, Elisa Day.

Some simply say it took place somewhere in Europe during Medieval times and other say it took place in Ireland. Wherever it took place, the story is told in much the same way with few details changed.

One day, Elisa Day met a young man. This young man fell… Continue reading

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