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Urban Legend – The Green Man

The Urban Legend of the Green Man

Ray Robinson - The Green Man

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It is common for urban legends to have more than one version so the true story that inspired the legend is obscured. The Green Man, also called Charlie No Face, is no different. In the more common versions today, the Green Man was a power company employee. In some stories, he was disfigured and killed when a downed power line hit him. In others, he was hit by lightning. A variation has him hiding in an old abandoned house though he is mostly in tunnels in the Pittsburg area.… Continue reading

Urban Legend – The Mystery of Lillian Grey

Many urban legends stand out for various reasons but this in one that stands out because so little is known. It is the mystery of Lillian Grey.

If you walk through a certain cemetery in Utah’s Salt Lake City, you will come across a tombstone with this inscription:


Lilly Gray

Lilly Gray Tombstone with the inscription, “Victim of the Beast 666”

JUNE 6, 1881 – NOV. 14, 1958


Nothing seems out of the ordinary with the first two lines on the gravestone. It is that last line that catches attention. No one seems… Continue reading

The Mystery of Staten Island’s Creepy Clown


The story of the creepy Staten Island clown went viral in the final days of March, 2014. the wicked smile and frightening makeup of this “It” creature terrorized locals until its reign of fear came to an end on March 28.

It turned out that the entire story was a hoax and a marketing attempt created by a film company called Fuzz of the Lens Productions. How did it all start and why the silent but creepy clown manage to gain such tremendous popularity?

The Horror Story Begins
Facebook and Instagram spread the popularity of the Clown… Continue reading

Mysterious Lights Shine on the San Fernando Valley

Thinking that there is safety in numbers is often what encourages people to reside in neighborhoods, condos, apartments and even communes. After all, urban legends derived from science fiction movies show many aliens landing in remote parts of the desert or the open range. Aliens from advanced civilizations typically select national capitols to point out the error of world leaders’ ways.

Those films were the modern day counterpart of Aesop’s Fables, designed to teach humanity lessons in proper behavior and thinking. The other side of the lesson was more of a Dante-styled warning about the consequences if lessons were… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Urban Legends: Facts and Stories

When you think of urban legends, you probably picture the man with the hook for a hand, Bloody Mary, giant alligators in the sewer or something along those lines. Thanksgiving urban legends do not carry the same weight of horror, but there are still some pretty interesting tales that have some basis in truth, yet are more urban legend than fact. Here are a few of the most popular tales you may hear around the Thanksgiving Table each year!

Black Friday

Ah, the dreaded or highly anticipated, black Friday! Every year retailers host special sales… Continue reading

Urban Legend: Inspect Gas Nozzle and Hoses before Touching Them


An urban legend with the warning spreading even more quickly thanks to the internet and emails concerns the warning of hypodermic needles infected with the HIV virus randomly taped on gasoline pumps. Imagine the horror of grabbing the handle to put fuel in the car and feeling a slight sting in the palm of your hand. Turning the nozzle over, you see a bloody needle attached with medical tape. A fellow driver on another island quickly calls 911 to report yet another victim of the HIV dirty needle attack. Unfortunately, it is too late for you, the… Continue reading

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