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Urban Legends: Bloody Mary

Without a doubt, one of the most frightening of urban legends is the tale of Bloody Mary. Like most urban legends, this one is rooted in themes common to a classic horror tale. This horror legend is based on the traditional theme of accepting a dare that you really shouldn’t.

This horror legend is commonly told as follows: Bloody Mary was a woman that murdered her children and now here spirit is tormented for all eternity. Those that wish to summon Bloody Mary can do so by merely standing in front of a mirror in the dark and chanting the… Continue reading

Urban Legends: The Hook

Is there a more famous horror urban legend than that of The Hook? And, for that matter, has there ever been a horror urban legend than was more realistic and likely to have happened than this tale?

A running theme in almost all horror tales is that premature sexual relations come with punishment. So, it is not surprising that those targeted in the story of The Hook are those that frequent a venue such as Lover’s Lane.

The common way this horror tale is spun entails a couple making out in their car which is parked at lover’s lane. The… Continue reading

Urban Legends: Is There a Killer in the Backseat?

Since I love horror and hope you do as well, I figured I would add in some urban legends to the series of items I post. The first one in the series is the Backseat Killer.

Most people do truly feel safe riding in their car. This is not to say a car accident can’t happen but in terms of an intruder breaching the interior of the car is not likely….or is it? The urban legend of the Killer in the Backseat is a horror tale that stresses it definitely is very possible.

A women walks to her car, enters… Continue reading

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