Lucky Damnation, Halloween Giveaway, Serial Killers, Horror Fiction and More!

Cover for the horror fiction title Lucky Damnation by Joel M. AndreThere is so much happening between now and Halloween.

We’ll have a bounty of new postings on serial killers, urban legends, haunted places and more! My goal is to have five items at a minimum posting each week. So you guys can definitely look forward to that. I also have some new horror fiction in the works.

The first, is Lucky Damnation! Yes, I know I’ve been promising it forever. But you can now pre-order it from Amazon! Visit the link here to purchase Lucky Damnation. It comes out October 26, 2015. The final version is on Amazon and we’re just counting down the days until then!

My dear friend Scott F. Feighner will bring the book to life! He has the manuscript in hand and will add his unique voice to the title. I personally love each of the audiobooks he has created for me in the past and I have no doubt he’ll deliver an exceptional reading this time too! As soon as I have more details, I’ll let you know.

During the month of October, I’m also giving away 31 audiobooks. Each day we’re posting a unique code that can be used one time. You can then download a book from! There are so many incredible audiobooks for you to choose from too! Of course, you can always use any audiobook credit on a Joel M. Andre title of your choice too!  The first code goes live on October 1, 2015! It may be in a post of its own, or it might be attached to a post of the day. It’s like a mini scavenger hunt full of freebies!

I also have an exciting haunted places e-book I’ll be giving away FREE on Halloween! All you need to do is sign up for the newsletter. Your commentary copy will hit your inbox at midnight on Halloween! It’ll make for a hauntingly perfect day!

As you’ve likely noticed, the website is going through a facelift! The great folks at Meridian Media Marketing have really done incredible work. You need to check them out, Robbi Drake, Jeff Ryder, Howard Dabrawsky III, Graeme Ingram, Monika Nolte and Rebecca Moore you all have my undying love and gratitude for your hard work!

Of course, there’s also so much more to come. I can’t wait for you guys to see what the future holds!

Much love,

Joel M. Andre




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October 31, 2015 marks the return of Nathan Baxter. Spring 2016 will mark the return of Lauren Bruni.
Stay tuned for title announcements and more. :)

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