Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a very special and memorable holiday! I am sure it will be a day filled with unwrapping presents, going to church and even enjoying a meal with loved ones.

But what will you do after the festivities are done and you’ve finally finished, “A Death at the North Pole?”

If you’re thinking about some holiday horror film, then I’ve got you covered. As a major fan of Christmas, I have watched some awesome films that I would like to share with you. This list is everything from science fiction to general horror fiction and full of holiday themes.

1. You Better Watch Out

Sometimes called, Christmas Evil, this is a great Christmas horror movie that still holds up, even though it was released in 1980. It has a few good scares mixed in with some dark humor.

2. Black Christmas (1974)

Yes, there is a remake of this film, but the original is scary as hell. This is an old fashioned stylized thriller that was partially responsible for the film, Halloween. If all you can find is the remake, you should still give it a shot. The Christmas cookie scene is quite interesting.

3. Don’t Open Until Christmas

In London, a killer Santa Claus is on the loose and he’s killing people in a truly violent and unique manner. In the tradition of all great 1980s slasher films, this holiday film is one that has lots of blood, with typical B movie acting.

4. Silent Night, Deadly Night

It’s a terribly graphic film that has points that leave you scratching your head. For example, in one scene Billy hands his bloody knife to a little girl, as if he’s actually giving her a Christmas gift. Once you’ve made it through this others, give this campy film a shot.

While there are other holiday inspired films, these would be my top choices for the Christmas holiday. Are there films you loved? Sound off in the comment section below.

Merry Christmas!

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