Serial Killer – Daniel Camargo Barbosa

Daniel CarmangoSome of the most sinister serial killers have come from Columbia. Daniel Camargo Barbosa is no exception. Born January 22, 1930 Daniel would go on a 12 year killing spree that would claim an estimated 75 – 150 victims. The estimation, is that despite there being evidence to suggest he raped and murdered 150 young women, the actual number could never be proven. Some estimates of the serial killer are as high as 300 victims.

Part of the problem is the type of victims Daniel would select. He’d go after young women who were part of the lower class that were desperate for work. He’d then tell the victim he needed to locate a pastor who was on the outskirts of town. The claim is he had a large sum of money he needed to give to them and if the girl would help him, he’d help them to get a job where they wanted. This bold tactic which preyed on the needs of the victims helped the serial killer to lure them into his dangerous web of lies.

He’d then tell the girl they needed to cut through the woods to find a shortcut and to get where they were going. If the girl decided to leave at that point, he didn’t press the point. This helped him to appear less suspicious. If she followed, he would rape the young woman and then strangle her to death in the wood. Their bodies would be left for the wild animals, or an unfortunate soul to stumble across.

His final victim was a 9 year old girl named Elizabeth. Daniel had just finished murdering the young woman on February 26, 1986 when a pair of patrolmen noticed him and he began to act suspiciously. In his had was a bag that contained the bloody clothing a genitalia of the woman. Upon his arrest, he initially gave a fake alias of Manual Bulgarin Solis. However, one of his surviving rape victims managed to identify him as Daniel Camargo. Initially, he admitted to only killing 72 girls in Ecuador. He told the police where to find the bodies and the sinister details of all his crimes. Many were shocked to learn about the serial killer and just what he had done.

His reason for choosing young women who were virgins was, “because they cried”. The pain they went through was what drove him to commit his crimes. He also believed that women were unfaithful and when he hacked and slashed the victims with a machete it was an extension of his rage.

On November 13, 1994 at the age of 64, Daniel was serving part of his 25 year sentence. Fellow inmate Geovanny Noguera would turn on him and brutally kill him. In the final moments of his life, Daniel felt the pain all of his victims had as he died behind bars.

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