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There is a 500 mile stretch of highway 16 in British Colombia, Canada that has been dubbed the “Highway of Tears” by many. The name was given due to the disappearance and murder of 18 women between 1969 and 2006. The women, ranging in age from 12 to 33, were often known to be hitchhiking on this section of highway when they disappeared. While the official list of victims remains at 18, aboriginal organizations estimate the number to be 40 or more because they often include victims who disappeared or were found in areas further from the highway. While the bodies were discovered in the same general area, it is unlikely that they are the work of a single serial killer. Many tales of horror fiction begin with a dark, foggy night and a young girl on a deserted stretch of highway, but on the “Highway of Tears” truth is more brutal than any fiction.


Gloria Moody (26)

Micheline Pare (18)

Gale Weys (19)

Pamela Darlington (19)

, Monica Ignas (14)

Colleen MacMillen (16)

Monica Jack (12)

Maureen Mosie (33)

Shelly-Ann Bascu (16) – Missing

Alberta Williams (24)

Delphine Nikal (16) – Missing

Ramona Wilson (16)

Roxanne Thiara (15)

Alishia “Leah” Germaine (15)

Lana Derrick (19) – Missing

Nicole Hoar (25) – Missing

Tamara Chipman (22) – Missing

Aielah Saric Auger (14)

While some of the women are still missing, other cases have been solved. In the case of Collen MacMillen, convictedserial killer Bobby Jack Fowler’s DNA was found on a blouse that had been preserved in evidence. He is also strongly suspected in the killings of Gale Weys and Pamela Darlington. Fowler died in prison in 2006. He had been a nomadic roofer who was in Canada during the time of the disappearances of Weys and Darlington, but was incarcerated when some of the others disappeared.

In the case of 12 year old Monica Jack, serial rapist Garry Taylor was arrested in December 2014 and charged with her murder as well as that of another young Canadian girl. The arrests were the result of the many advances in DNA testing.

In 2005, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police created a task force that is dedicated to investigating the Highway of Tears murders. While the task of sifting through murder cases which span four decades is monumental, the force is dedicated to solving as many of the murders as possible.

The task force spends nearly $6 million dollars each year in an effort to solve the murders and with new advances in DNA analysis, the hope is that more of the cases can be laid to rest.

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