Serial Killer – Luis Garavito

Courtesy of WikipediaHow a Man Became “The Beast”

Known as “La Bestia” or The Beast, Luis Garavito is one of the most prolific and terrifying serial killers that the world has ever seen. The horror started with Garavito’s childhood abuse and led to him killing over 300 boys, official records show.

Early Life
Garavito’s early history is typical of a serial killer. Born in 1957 and the eldest of seven children in a Colombian family, Garavito experienced physical, sexual and mental abuse from his father. The family was exceptionally poor and Garavito had to take many responsibilities at an early age.

The birth of each new child led to attention being diverted from the eldest son. Psychologists believe that Luis Garavito experienced jealousy and resentment towards his siblings, which led to the profile of the victims that he selected time after time.

La Bestia
The sexual abuse that Garavito experienced as a child was a major trigger for the horror that took place during his adulthood. These past traumatic experiences made him desire the position of control, rather than the submission of the victim.

Garavito lured poor, peasant children into accompanying him by promising either money or small gifts. The Beast tortured and raped his victims before killing the boys and dismembering the bodies.

Upon his arrest, Garavito brought police officers and investigators to the graves of his victims. Garavito confessed about killing more than 140 children but official reports suggest that the number of victims totals 170. Investigators are also certain that Garavito killed other children before being captured, bringing the total number of victims to more than 300.

Reduced Sentence
Originally, Garavito was sentenced to 1853 years in prison. Colombian law, however, allows a maximum sentence of 30 years. Due to his cooperation during the investigation, Garavito was sentenced to solely 22 years.

The reduced sentence led to an overwhelming public response. Many argued that Garavito should be imprisoned for life or given a death sentence.

In 2006, a local television channel interviewed Garavito. According to the reporter, The Beast could apply for early release due to good behavior. This led to even greater public discontent. The case was reopened and local authorities announced that Garavito’s sentence could possibly be extended.

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