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Haunted Places – Bisbee, Arizona

spooky-ghost-1-1197682The Oliver House is located at 126 All Soul’s Avenue. Here you’ll find the former “Blue Room” and “Room 13”. Both locations are believed to have benevolent spirits that haunt them. Also a location plagued by numerous murders over the years, there is a good chance you’ll see a ghost here.

At the Copper Queen hotel on the third floor, you’ll find a figureless apparition that wanders the halls. This is located at 11 Howell Ave.

In 1931 the Cochise County Courthouse was once a beautiful location where… Continue reading

Haunted Places: Ajo, Arizona

haunted places from FreeImages.comCrater Range is located on route 85 which is 10 miles North of Ajo. It is believed that a couple in the 1950s crashed their vehicle in this location on their honeymoon. Since that time, the spot is believed to be haunted.

Guest House Inn is located at 641 West Guest House Dr. With a history that goes back to 1925, some guests claim to have experienced encounters with an apparition of a ghostly miner in this location.

If you have any additional haunted places in this location, please use the comment section below.

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Area Based Haunted Places Posts

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting haunted places broken down by their location.
Some of these posts will be simple blurbs. Others will have a more detailed set of listings. If you’d like to recommend a haunted location, please feel free to do so. Each location will eventually be expanded on, so that it links to a full overview of the haunted places as they are written.

Don’t forget to check out my latest work, Lucky Damnation.

Please Note: You must have permission to access any place listed. Just because a location is listed does not… Continue reading

Haunted Places – Monte Vista Hotel – Flagstaff, Arizona

If you travel along North San Francisco Street in Flagstaff, Arizona you’ll notice an intriguing old building known as the Monte Vista Hotel. Since January 1, 1927, the hotel has been one of the most enchanting hotels in the area.Monte Vista

While the tales of terror vary, there are several ghosts believed to haunt the halls of this location. They include the following.

  • A bank robber who bled to death in the hotel in the 1970s, greets people with a disembodied voice. He also toys around with barstools and drinks.
  • In room 306, a woman of the night is said to… Continue reading

Haunted Places – GreyFriar’s Kirkyard

Image courtesy of WikipediaWith a remarkably violent ghost and a few other unspeakable entities, is it any wonder that GreyFriar’s Kirkyard ranks up there as the most haunted. . . the most frightening. . . the most unspeakable cemetery in the world?

By day, Greyfriar’s Kirkyard in Scotland is known as a place if serene beauty, perfect for an easy walk. In the daylight hours it reveals very little of its bloody and horrific history. The graveyard boasts a few stone gargoyles, one or two ghoul-like figures that are emblazoned on the headstones and perhaps an angel of death–or two or three. It… Continue reading

Haunted Places – Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada


Nestled amid the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada, the stunning Banff Springs Hotel sits like a medieval castle among the breathtaking mountain scenery; in fact, the hotel was actually nicknamed the “castle of the Rockies.” No castle is complete without a few resident ghosts to go bump in the night and the Banff Springs Hotel is no different. While the hotel official denies any paranormal activities, it is widely known as Alberta, Canada’s most haunted location. While strange sightings appear in many areas of the hotel, certain places

The “castle” was actually built in 1888 as a wooden structure… Continue reading

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