Urban Legend – Elisa Day

The Wild Rose: Elisa Day

Elisa Day allegedly roams among the wild red roses..

Elisa Day allegedly roams among the wild red roses..

Falling in love sometimes leads to joy and sometimes leads to sorrow. In some urban legends, it leads to mysterious, tragic death. Listen now as we tell the sorrowful tale of the wild rose, Elisa Day.

Some simply say it took place somewhere in Europe during Medieval times and other say it took place in Ireland. Wherever it took place, the story is told in much the same way with few details changed.

One day, Elisa Day met a young man. This young man fell in love with her at first sight. The two saw each three days after meeting and that was all. The first day, he appeared at her door. He could not help but gather her in his arms and kiss her lips.

He came back the second day and presented her with one red rose. He whispered to her that she was more beautiful than any woman in the world that he had seen. He asked if he could see her the next day and would she meet him at a special spot on the river, the one where the red wild roses bloomed.

On that third fateful day, she met him near the river. He took her down by the bank. She stood, gazing into the water. He took her into his arms and passionately kissed her for the last time. Then she turned and gazed over the river. While she looked away in thought, he picked up a rock and beat her to death with it. It is said that as she died at his hands, he whispered to her “All beauty must die…”

With her blankly staring eyes seeming to gaze into the sky, he put a red rose between her teeth and then gently pushed her into the water. She slowly sank into the slow, flowing river. No one ever found her body and as the years past, her real name could not be remembered so she was called The Wild Rose.

It is said that her spirit is sometimes seen walking along the river bank near where the red wild roses grow. The sight of her is gruesome with her bashed in, bloody head and blood covering her once beautiful face. In her hand, she holds the single red rose he had put in her teeth.

Tales like this often become the basis of horror fiction in the classic, romantic vein. This is one that not only could become one of those classic tales but did become the basis for the song called “Where the Wild Roses Grow” by Nick Cave.

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