Urban Legend – The White Death

A take on the tale

The Last Urban Legend You’ll Ever Need to Read

I had never heard something so ridiculous. It sounded like something out of a B grade horror movie, or even one of thosehorror fiction chain emails that used to do the rounds at the peak of the internet boom. The story was so unfeasible, that when my best friend first told it to me I laughed it off. I know better now, and I’m sorry, but so will you.

I’m talking about the White Death. At first I considered it just another urban legend. Bear with me, and don’t laugh yet.

There was a young Mexican girl many years ago. Fed up with life, neglected and abused by her parents, with no love or friendship to speak of, this poor girl had no reason to live. Sadly, she took her own life, but it wasn’t to be the end of her. While her spirit left her body, it never left the earth. If the story ended here we would be dealing with a heartbreaking tragedy, but what we are left with is worse than a nightmare.

Her parents felt no grief when they found her lifeless body. They didn’t mourn her, and in fact they found it an inconvenience that they would have to bury the girl and arrange a funeral. They figured no one would care, that no one would know, and they tossed their daughter in a shallow grave on their property.

Within a week they were dead.

A neighbor found them with their eyes gouged out and their skin torn to shreds. Rigor mortis had set what was left of their faces in a look of absolute fear and horror. Police put their deaths down to local gangs who the couple likely owed money to, and they never bothered to look for the daughter, assuming she was kidnapped as payment.

The neighbor who had found them had a different theory though. He knew of the abuse the daughter had suffered, yet he had never lifted a finger to help. He would be the first to suffer from the curse. A week after the parents were found, the neighbor’s body was found in the same state. He left clues though. A crumpled page torn from his bible, which he clutched in his hands. Smeared in blood, he left a warning;

The girl is here!
Not alive, but not truly dead,
She can move but does not walk, shrouded in white,
She seeks revenge on those who ignored her in life,
And will wipe out the memory of all who now know her in death.

The police ignored the note, thinking it the crazed last words of a man murdered by thugs. The investigators later died in mysterious circumstances, mutilated in the same fashion as the first three victims. The story spread, and so did the deaths, until few were brave enough to utter the story of the White Death.

You might think of this as just another piece of horror fiction. My friend thought the same. “Horror fiction”, I can only now laugh bitterly. My friend is now gone, it has been five days. By the time you read this, I fear I will be too.

Beware the White Death. Sometimes an urban legend is more than just a legend.

I’m sorry.

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