Urban Legends – Crybaby Bridge

Crybaby Bridge is an urban legend. The name Crybaby Bridge has been given to multiple bridges in the United States. It reflects a legend where a baby can be seen or heard from the bridge at night. Usually it’s accompanied by the legend of the death of a baby or a very young child on the area, having been thrown from the bridge into the frigid waters below.

There are multiple Crybaby Bridge urban legends, with one being found in the states of Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Maryland, to name just a few. In nearly every state and culture there have been young children who have been drowned or intentionally killed in water. It is to these areas that the ghostly views of babies or young children are attributed and who knows, in some cases it may well be true.

Columbus Georgia is the scene of one such bridge and is most famous for the sounds of the crying baby. The story tells of some very young children who were killed on the bridge. At night their cries can be heard around the area. There also appears a woman who is walking along the side of the bridge and is seen faintly by people passing by.

In some cases, footprints appear on the cars and some people have actually tested this, putting baby powder on the car hood and stopping on the bridge. When they do so, baby footprints appear in the powder on the hood of the car.

Jack Creek, a very deep and fast running creek that stands just west of Lufkin, Texas has it’s own version of the Cry Baby Creek urban legend. According to reports, it is called so because a young mother and her baby died when their car ran off of the wood bridge late at night and dropped into the water below.

Since them visitors to the area say that they have seen and heard the sounds of a baby crying and seen handprints on their cars of the small child.

Is Crybaby Bridge just an urban legend, a writing of horror fiction designed to frighten us or does a real Cry Baby Bridge really exist out there somewhere?

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