What Type of Content Should You Put on the Kindle?

As most people know, I write horror fiction. When they see my name, they know that is the genre of story that they will be picking up and that is what the writer should be focused on developing for themselves. While it is fine for a writer to explore different genres, it is important that your reader knows the types of offerings you will give to them.

For example, if you write historic romance fiction and have 10 titles out and then write your next three as being edge of your seat thrillers, your core audience you built will feel alienated. The occasional book or story that switches things up is fine, but you want to keep these things in mind. While I do have poetry on the Kindle, stories like Brutal and Perfection tends to be more along the lines of what my readers expect.

So what type of content should you be looking at to put on the Kindle? Well, the simple answer to that would be – any well-written content that is entertaining or informative in nature can work on Kindle. Publishing a fiction or non-fiction book on Kindle is not enough – the author must market it online. They must get it reviewed, give interviews and generally let the whole world know about his Kindle book and its excellent qualities. Here’s a look at what type of book you should put on Kindle:

1. You should exploit your knowledge. If you are skilled in a specific area, write about its insider secrets and publish a How-To book. If you are imaginative and love to write short stories, you can choose to write fiction. If you have successfully raised children, you can write about parenting, and so on. The possibilities are endless and most well written topics will find an audience.

2. The type of content you have selected can have an impact as well. Many people will seek out non-fiction works on the Kindle and there is a general market for that. Others look for non-fiction work only. What you need to ensure is that if you are writing non-fiction, every detail you put in your content is based on facts that you can back and prove. For example, if you are writing a tell all book, you are going to lose readers and get slammed with 1 star reviews for making up fabricated or inaccurate content.

3. As of now, there are more fiction writers than non-fiction writers. Non-fiction is therefore an open area that an author can easily get into. However, non-fiction writing is restricted – you can only write what you know about. It also takes a considerable amount of research.

4. You can start a satirical, newsy book-cum-paper that is delivered to buyers daily or once in 2 or 3 days. This is a new and untried format that depends on your writing skills. You will also have to maintain databases and ensure that all buyers are delivered the promised content regularly.

5. Most authors are of the opinion that short fiction outsells long fiction. So, fiction writers may consider doing more short stories than long novels. This gives potential buyers a chance to sample your work before they move on to your longer offerings. Keep in mind that it is generally a good idea to let the reader know that they are picking a short story. Amazon will often put in estimated pages that will help. For most short stories, you don’t want to go beyond .99.

Just make sure that what you place on the Kindle is the best you can do. That will help you to build up readers and have them consider your future works as well.

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